Are you ready to “Wow!” the world with your Second Act? 


Maybe you’ve spent the first half of your life busily raising a family, or clambering up a corporate ladder, or juggling both to the brink of exhaustion!

  It seems that it’s all too easy for us to put everyone’s dreams and desires ahead of our own… I know I did!

And while I never completely gave up on mine, the flame had certainly dwindled to a flicker.

As I raised my girls and stood by my husband as he fought a losing battle with cancer, I’d sometimes indulge in daydreams of taking the stage to sing professionally again.  I had plenty of doubt.  And yet… I fanned that flicker.

With the kids nearly grown and my husband gone nearly three years, I was ready for my Second Act.  It’s been hard work, that I couldn’t have done without my supporting cast, but it has been so worth it!  I’m proud of my progress and grateful for how far I’ve come!

I would be honored to be a member of your supporting cast as you step into the spotlight of your Second Act!

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